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Cooking with Copha

A vast collections of recipes including classics such as coconut ice, honey joys and jam drop cookies as well as fun recipes for Easter, Kids Parties and festive treats for Christmas.

From Grandma’s Kitchen

Collection of tried and perfected recipes, from the classic rum balls to innovative new recipes such as white chocolate & raspberry rocky road.

Creating the Perfect Easter Sweets

Fun and easy recipes for Easter holidays with the family.

Crackles and More!

Easy ‘melt, mix and set’ recipes – absolutely perfect for children’s and Christmas parties! Recipes were even styled by Donna Hay in the 90’s.

Secrets From Grandma’s Pantry

Craving the recipes grandma used to make when you were a kid? Browse through this delightful to read recipe book and try out some good old fashioned desserts.

Betty King’s Cook Book

This book is an absolute treasure – it contains all of our favourite recipes, many of which are super easy to make, using the famous ‘melt, mix and set’ method!

What Shall I Cook Today?

One hundred tempting old fashioned Copha recipes from the 1950’s/60’s. Contains lots of helpful hints and tips for using Copha!

Up-To-Date Recipes Using Copha

Vintage recipe book from the 1950’s/ 60’s. Includes delicious recipes including coffee cake, madeira cake and date pudding.

Just For Kids Cookbook 2

Easy to follow no-bake copha recipes especially for kids. Each recipe has only 3 steps!.

Fun Treats for Kids Parties

A collection of crowd-pleasing recipes that are fun and easy to make, from Rainbow Teacake to Popcorn Rocky Road!

Festive Treats for Christmas

A selection of delicious Christmas treats that are sure to be loved by the whole family such as Chocolate Mudcake or Red Velvet Cupcakes!