What is Copha?

Copha is a popular vegetable shortening and a key ingredient in the much-loved kids party recipe, chocolate crackles. Copha is made with more than 99% coconut oil and less than 1% soy lecithin. It’s gluten free, contains no palm oil and remains stable in room temperature up to 36 degrees Celsius. Copha can be found in Coles, Woolworths and selected independant stores in the dairy case where butter and table spreads are located.

[1930s Copha vans ready for work]

Copha has been part of Australian history for more than 70 years.

Developed in 1933, Copha quickly became popular with busy mums who wanted a no-fuss vegetable shortening for home baking and cooking. From birthday parties to baking at home, Copha has always been associated with fun, family and sweet childhood memories.

[1960s Copha Chocolate Crackles Ad]

Here’s a sweet little secret…

Copha can be trusted to make any occasion special with easy desserts just as delicious as it’s signature chocolate crackle recipe. For great party food ideas, including chocolate cake recipes to gluten free desserts, Copha is the ideal cooking ingredient!
Copha is sold in N.Z under the brand name of Kremelta.